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Camp Primary School’s Geography curriculum is designed to teach learners geographical knowledge and skills through the context of two of the school’s drivers: Global and Local Community  and  Environment.   The long term plan focuses on comparing our local community with different global communities around the world to explore a sense of our place in the world compared with others. We also intend to ignite childrens passion for our planet by choosing units of work that allow for opportunities for sustainability . Geography at Camp follows the National Curriculum giving our children opportunities to explore their surroundings, communities and wider geographical issues through engaging lessons coupled with exciting opportunities.  

We recognise the importance of raising children as responsible, curious thinkers who are able to process new information, reflect on it, think critically, and apply knowledge and skills to overcome challenges in our ever-changing world. Understanding both human and physical geography will enable our children to have a better understanding of themselves and the wider society they live in as they grow up to be caring, responsible adults who can influence the future of our planet.

EYFS Progression