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At Camp we believe all children have the right to high quality teaching of Maths. Our aim is to have students who enjoy maths and are fluent, confident, accurate calculators and problem solvers. Most will be able to use a range of strategies and to understand which is the most efficient to use for a given question.  All children are supported to be efficient and accurate problem solvers with at least one method.

We use HfL Essential Maths and fluency slides to accomplish this. Essential Maths has a clear progression of skills and curriculum coverage fully in line with National Curriculum expectations. Fluency slides are being used this academic year to re-activate and retain skills previously taught. By using these we ensure a consistency of teaching methods and vocabulary across all year groups. Use of  Numbots and TTRock Stars support the learning of timetables and therefore UKS2 multiplication, division, and fractions strands.

Our Calculation Policy ensures common language and methods of teaching. Camp School has historically had a diverse mix of families with different cultures, and languages, and we therefore value Essential Maths’ emphasis on the language and vocabulary of Maths as a key skill.

Children are taught metacognition through our Learning Behaviours and learn how to help themselves in their own learning. Children are encouraged to self-assess their understanding and choose challenges that stretch them. Essential Maths emphasises the regular use of manipulatives to support kinaesthetic and visual learners. Children are directed to working walls and know where manipulatives, number lines, and other resources are in the classroom so they can independently discover what strategies help themselves learn best. Most interventions and SEND support is classroom based and can therefore adapt to needs as they are identified through AfL.

Staff are encouraged to attend Maths related CPD and we are currently giving dedicated staff development meetings (SDM) time to Back on Track Trainings materials. We also use SDM to give teachers moderation time for termly assessments in year group pairs to ensure accurate judgements. Gap analysis after termly summative assessments provide planning focus priorities for cohorts.

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Long Term Plan

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Progression of Skills

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