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At Camp Primary and Nursery School, our aim is to inspire all children to develop an enjoyment of physical activity and sport, and to ensure that children understand the importance of being active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout their lives. We want them to discover fun and enjoyment from taking part in physical activity with these meaningful experiences leading to them to value a healthy, active lifestyle.

Our children should be active every day in a variety of ways: through PE lessons, during the Daily Mile, at break and lunch times, by taking part in after school clubs, and within the classroom setting. Children throughout the school will have the opportunity to compete in intra-school sports competitions and particularly those children in Key Stage 2 will be able to participate in inter-school sports competitions and leagues.

Please click here to view our latest Sports Premium Report.  You can also find this report, as well as others from previous years, on our Statutory Information page.

EYFS Progression

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Curriculum Map

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Progression of Skills

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Long-Term Plan

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