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At Camp School Religious Education plays a key role in promoting our spiritual and moral curriculum driver and helps to celebrate the diversity within our school community.  Whether our pupils belong to a denomination of faith or not, we believe that learning about and from different religions and considering worldviews, helps the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development and teaches respect for others. 

We use the Hertfordshire Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2023-2028) to support our teaching and learning and cover the following 8 themes within each key stage:  

Beliefs and Practices, Sources of Wisdom, Symbols and Actions, Prayer, Worship and Reflection, Identity and Belonging, Ultimate Questions, Human Responsibilities and Values and finally, Justice and Fairness.

As a school, we adopt an enquiry-based approach to Religious Education beginning with the children’s own life experiences before moving into learning about and from religions and considering non-religious worldviews.  Each half term the children explore a different question as outlined in our long term plan document.  Some questions are religion specific and some are more thematic, dipping into several religions.  Our planning ensures that there is a balanced mixture of Christianity and world religions (Hinduism, Islam, Sikh, Judaism, Buddhism and Humanism).  Exploring artifacts, visits to places of worship and religious visitors to school also plays an important part in our children’s Religious Education and helps to bring their learning to life!

EYFS Progression

Progression of Skills

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Long Term Plan

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