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Family Support

We are proud to be a part of  the Alban Way Community Support Network.  Together with 4 other local Primary Schools, we employ Jemma Hope, a family support worker, who will help provide support for children and families in a variety of ways and is in school most Thursdays.  If you would like to speak to Jemma about further support, please email

Online Safety

Over the past year the internet has become more important than ever and Camp School recognises that internet, mobile and digital technologies provide a good opportunity for children and young people to learn, socialise and play, provided they are safe. We are very aware that young people’s future economic success may be partly dependent on their online skills and reputation and we are committed to ensuring that all pupils will be able to use these technologies safely. This is part of our safeguarding responsibility.

At Camp School online safety remains a high priority; all classes learn about practical ways to remain safe online through lessons within Computing, as well as considering the moral, social and emotional implications of online activities during PSHE lessons. We have recently reviewed the ‘Online Safety Policy’, which can be found on the policies page. This policy includes an ‘acceptable use agreement’ (Appendix D) for all pupils. This is a set of online safety rules which pupils must agree to adhere to. Children will have the opportunity to read and discuss this document in school, with pupils signing a class copy to be displayed in the computer area of each classroom. We are asking that you have a conversation with your child/children about this agreement at home.

Online safety policy guide
HFL-Online Safety Newsletter – Spring 2024
Conversation Starters
Family Online Safety Plan
Parents and Carers Resource Sheet
What to Trust Online


Camp School is a part of Operation Encompass which connects schools with police in a situation where children might be living in a home with domestic abuse.  This allows schools to quickly and discretely provide support to a child in school, while securing better outcomes for children experiencing domestic abuse.


Supporting the development of positive well-being and mental health at all times is a really important aspect of our PSHE curriculum and our ethos at Camp Primary and Nursery School.  Please find below ways you can access support at home.