As part of the children’s learning, we use Chromebooks which have many advantages over PCs/laptops being quick to start as they have no software installed. All resources are accessed via Google Apps for Education. Google Classrooms enables teachers to collect and organise digital work, deliver questionnaires and quizzes, gather data, and assess pupils’ work. Pupils can collaborate on the production of work, comment, allowing pooling of ideas, and publish on Google’s publishing platform where they have unlimited storage for files.
Although they will mostly be used for in-class work, there may be a need to access their account outside of school for completing homework.  If for any reason access is needed at home, your child has a unique sign in name and password.
To access your child’s account please click here.  Please note that usernames have been sent home but you will need to add for their email address.
Usernames have been allocated as follows:  the year they started Reception, followed by their first name, then the first initial of their surname.  For example, if your child started Reception in 2015 and is named Thomas Jones, their username will be .

During any periods of remote learning, teachers will plan and deliver a sequence of sessions across the two weeks where skills are taught or revisited and built upon. Teaching will be across the curriculum and not just restricted to English and Maths. Each day there will be either a live or pre-recorded ‘teaching input’ to teach new skills and daily work set in line with national expectations:

We will use a mixture of on-line resources to support learning and we have used the feedback you provided in our previous survey to identify the most widely used and favoured resources by our families.

Please see a link to our Remote Learning Policy.

If you have any access or technical issues or have forgotten passwords and need help then please use the email address.

For children in both Nursery or Reception we will be using Tapestry to set learning activities. Parents can then upload activities completed to Tapestry. All other Year groups will use Google Classrooms to set and respond to learning activities daily. Teachers will be clear how they would like you to record and submit work.

We can also provide printed copies of materials if needed. Please contact the remote learning email address or call school for further support.

For access to our “How-To” Guides on topics like; Google Classroom, Purple Mash, taking a screen-shot, etc, please CLICK HERE.